• A Farm’s Summer Secret

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a science experiment? One fifth grader is about to find out… Britton is a curious kid with […]
  • Found By Time

    Infinite knowledge, the ability to control time—some forbidden gifts are too dangerous for any single human. What would you do with ultimate power and no consequences? […]
  • Project Moirai

    What would you do if your entire life was based on knowing the exact time and date of your death? What if that date was wrong? […]
  • The Northern Lights

    What dangers would you face to save the ones you love? It’s just another day in the Arctic—until the day three young animals return home to […]
  • The Downside Up

    If you’re a king or a queen Or anything between, If you’re the mayor Or a mystical creator, Or a magic bean trader, Come inside and […]
  • The Hunter Voyage

    All they heard was a loud scream, and she was gone! Can you imagine what it would be like to be kidnapped…by WILD ANIMALS? Meet the […]
  • The Magical Ocean Waves

    Would you do anything—sacrifice anything—to get back to your family? Steve Johnson is just like any other kid: he goes on trips with his parents, loves […]
  • The Witch

    They say cats have nine lives…but what about trick-or-treaters? Halloween was fast approaching, and best friends Naomi and Bianca should have finished their plans ages ago. […]