• Yellow Umbrella

    The yellow umbrella has been sitting in an umbrella stand in a dirty old hotel for over four months and gets taken to place after place […]
  • The Path

    Two orphan girls, Kelsey and Claire, who happen to be best friends escape their orphanage together. As they traveled away from their orphanage they had to […]
  • Ghostly

    Lizzie walked down familiar streets, each with destroyed houses and fallen electrical poles. She passed the local shops with their broken windows and empty shelves. It […]
  • Accidental Astronaut

    I held my breath, trying desperately to stay hidden. Uh-oh…I think they found me. “Hey, Space Boy,” Jackson said menacingly. Then he punched me quickly in […]
  • Astronamals

    Wake. Learn. Sleep. The routine of middle school couldn’t be more predictable for twins (and occasional best friends) Clementine and Stella Reed, whose greatest worries in […]
  • Lost At Sea

    I stood there, overlooking the island. It was hard to believe we were finally here, after everything we’d been through. I remembered everything. The storm, the […]
  • The Movie Of No Return

    Aidan and Grace live with their mom in the small town of Rockford, Illinois. On Halloween night, they take their two friends to an old movie […]
  • Ominous Echoes

     “I remember the day my world turned upside down so clearly.” Rosemary Keely is a normal twelve-year-old. That is, if you don’t know her that well. […]