• When Midnight Strikes

    On what seems to be a normal Halloween night, three friends, Kenna, Emily, and Giliana, are trick or treating when they are mistaken for someone else […]
  • Harold and the Peanut House

    Harold the frog is more than content on his lily pad, where he lives with his mom, dad, and brother, Rick. But one day, when he […]
  • The Door

    DARKNESS, the passing coldness One day, as Jackson Crosswood is touring a new school, he is kidnapped and spirited away to the middle of nowhere. He […]
  • Appao

    Faced with obstacles that force him to face the deepest parts of himself, Appao navigates a world where tradition is king and going against it was […]
  • It’s Just a Little Magic

    Jess, an ordinary girl who loves writing, thinks her days are pretty average. But one day after school, as she sits down to write a book, […]
  • Burden of Power

    When the world is against those with unexplainable powers, a mysterious school offers them an intriguing respite, promising a sterling education and opportunity to spend time […]
  • Nesting Dolls

    Take me apart. Piece by piece. Shell by shell. Layer by layer. Pay close attention. Look at my size. Am I big or am I small? […]
  • K.R.O.H.L.

    Bennett, a farmer, is happy with his small-town farm life. He spends his days tending to his fields and his beloved animals. One day, when all […]