• Tiny

    What would you do if your award-winning creation kept getting vandalized? When best friends Susan, Mia, and Brooklyn team up to enter a robotics competition, they […]
  • McLion

    “But the summer is almost over! I’ll never be good at anything.” “You know, I may have the perfect job for you…” All McLion wants to […]
  • The Adventures of the Nightmare Mystery

    What would you do if you believed everyone you knew was a powerful sorcerer? Matt, Nick, Gabe, and Alex are like most other best friends: they […]
  • Amongst The Clouds

    “The queen’s magic is all that keeps her alive. You are destined to defeat her and return this kingdom to the Ground. But she will try […]
  • Hide and Seek

    The mill was built in 1889, on a lot next to an old graveyard. Forty years later, it was abruptly abandoned by its owners, who were […]
  • Finding My Way Out

    “You are brave and intelligent, but there’s no backing out now. You’re either with me, or you will be finding your own way out…” Chris is […]
  • Shadowlands

    How would you feel if everything you once knew turned out to be a lie? Emily is a bright, curious ten-year-old girl who lives in Ohio […]
  • Escape

    BOOM—CRASH—THUD!!! Everybody looks at each other in shock. Nobody says a word, because we all know that there’s no use. Something is wrong. When a cosmic […]