• Hollow Voices

    Brian’s life is full of ordinary – he’s an ordinary boy, with an ordinary family, going on an ordinary vacation to Colorado. But what begins as […]
  • Toast and Waffles

    Central Breakfast City is a place where everyone loves their breakfast foods. But what if one day a mystery formula spilled onto one resident’s plate and […]
  • Spiraling Out of Control

    Chaos. Curliness. Catastrophe. Traveling and unraveling the truth. Spiraling Out of Control is a gripping narrative that plunges readers into an unexpected journey throughout space and […]
  • Lily and the Vampire

    After an abrupt move from Massachusetts to Nevada, nine-year-old Lily is skeptical of her new home and slightly afraid of the neighboring forest that could hold […]
  • Don’s Space Adventure

    After seeing an ad on television for a super cool space camp, Don begs his mother to go. As soon as she says yes, Don is […]
  • The Secrets of Time

    There will always be secrets of time, lurking, waiting for you to find them… Carmen is a normal seventh grader who misses the dad she lost […]
  • The Lost City of the Kunderay

    In a world filled with magical creatures and special powers, Nebula, a Kunderay, is searching for her family and unraveling the mysteries of her past. Left […]
  • Jack’s Journey

    When young Jack O’Seed has trouble with bullies, he decides to follow an Internet ad that promises The Great Pumpkin Lord, a magical entity, can solve […]