• It’s Just a Little Magic

    Jess, an ordinary girl who loves writing, thinks her days are pretty average. But one day after school, as she sits down to write a book, […]
  • Burden of Power

    When the world is against those with unexplainable powers, a mysterious school offers them an intriguing respite, promising a sterling education and opportunity to spend time […]
  • Nesting Dolls

    Take me apart. Piece by piece. Shell by shell. Layer by layer. Pay close attention. Look at my size. Am I big or am I small? […]
  • K.R.O.H.L.

    Bennett, a farmer, is happy with his small-town farm life. He spends his days tending to his fields and his beloved animals. One day, when all […]
  • The Tepness

    Could you survive in a world where nothing remains? Nearly everyone has fallen victim to the corruption of the Tepness. When the infection caused most to […]
  • The Disastrous Dinner

    One day, five pig brothers set out on a picnic, ready to enjoy a fine meal of sausage and beans. But when a devastating turn of […]
  • Hollow Voices

    Brian’s life is full of ordinary – he’s an ordinary boy, with an ordinary family, going on an ordinary vacation to Colorado. But what begins as […]
  • Toast and Waffles

    Central Breakfast City is a place where everyone loves their breakfast foods. But what if one day a mystery formula spilled onto one resident’s plate and […]