• The Lost City of the Kunderay

    In a world filled with magical creatures and special powers, Nebula, a Kunderay, is searching for her family and unraveling the mysteries of her past. Left […]
  • Jack’s Journey

    When young Jack O’Seed has trouble with bullies, he decides to follow an Internet ad that promises The Great Pumpkin Lord, a magical entity, can solve […]
  • Isabell’s Travels

    Moving to a new town and into a creepy, new house is not what Isabell thought she would be doing after school this weekend. However, that’s […]
  • A Tale of Kale and the Magic Red Book

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  • The Treehouse

    Gabby is just an ordinary fifth grade girl, living an ordinary fifth grade life. Everything changes when her dad comes home with some news – she’s […]
  • Communicating Through Art

    While away on a cruise, eight-year-old Brooke’s mother disappears without a trace. But one night, she appears to Brooke in a dream and leaves her a […]
  • The Ladybug’s Adventure

    The day starts like any other for tiny ladybug, Angel. But when she falls into a black hole, she embarks on an epic adventure filled with […]
  • Shade’s Forest

    “But why? Why do it alone when you could have help? Company? A… friend?” A young house-cat escapes from her small cabin into the woods with […]