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ReadyAimWrite Kids, LLC is an independent publishing company for books written by kids for kids.

ReadyAimWrite Kids, LLC believes in the magic of reading and writing, and wholeheartedly supports aspiring, young authors. Join us in helping to support these amazing writers.

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Latest Releases

  • Prank Wars

    How far would you go to add a little excitement to fifth grade? Lucas is an ornery fifth-grader who hates school and doesn’t care about his […]
  • Where There’s Smoke, There’s a Pyro

    “You already know too much—I can’t let you leave. You know the old saying: ‘Dead men tell no tales’ . . .” Thirteen-year-old Ethan is a pyromaniac, or […]
  • Wings of a Bird

     “My name is Alexander, and I’m here to help you lift your curse and save the world . . .” It’s just a regular field trip for Alexander—until his […]
  • Finding Peace

    Did you know that if you control your mind, you can control your life? For all those who may question their faith, who feel doubtful and […]