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ReadyAimWrite Kids, LLC is an independent publishing company for books written by kids for kids.

ReadyAimWrite Kids, LLC believes in the magic of reading and writing, and wholeheartedly supports aspiring, young authors. Join us in helping to support these amazing writers.

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Latest Releases

  • Hollow Voices

    Brian’s life is full of ordinary – he’s an ordinary boy, with an ordinary family, going on an ordinary vacation to Colorado. But what begins as […]
  • Toast and Waffles

    Central Breakfast City is a place where everyone loves their breakfast foods. But what if one day a mystery formula spilled onto one resident’s plate and […]
  • Spiraling Out of Control

    Chaos. Curliness. Catastrophe. Traveling and unraveling the truth. Spiraling Out of Control is a gripping narrative that plunges readers into an unexpected journey throughout space and […]
  • Lily and the Vampire

    After an abrupt move from Massachusetts to Nevada, nine-year-old Lily is skeptical of her new home and slightly afraid of the neighboring forest that could hold […]