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ReadyAimWrite Kids, LLC is an independent publishing company for books written by kids for kids.

ReadyAimWrite Kids, LLC believes in the magic of reading and writing, and wholeheartedly supports aspiring, young authors. Join us in helping to support these amazing writers.

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Latest Releases

  • The Castaway

    Can an evil robot ever become good again? Neo is a very special robot, sent to Mars by the United States Space Force to collect rocks […]
  • Isle of Music

    “Leave this place or you might not live another day . . .” For seven years, Captain Sherloque and his band of adventurers have sailed the seas, seeking the […]
  • The Hunters

    Does friendship really have the power to change everything? From the first day Alexis arrived at the orphanage, he’s faced taunts and bullying—until a new friend […]
  • Don’t Go Into The Swamp

    Don’t go into the swamp. It’s the one rule that Jericho and everyone in the village lives by. There are monsters in the swamp, and they’ll […]