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ReadyAimWrite Kids, LLC is an independent publishing company for books written by kids for kids.

ReadyAimWrite Kids, LLC believes in the magic of reading and writing, and wholeheartedly supports aspiring, young authors. Join us in helping to support these amazing writers.

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Latest Releases

  • Only in Whispers

    This is a story about an ordinary girl named Elaina, who lives an ordinary life in an ordinary kingdom with her parents . . . until she disappears […]
  • Lilly the lost Dragon

    “If you get lost or don’t know what to do, then come back here for another clue . . .” Lilly (with two L’s) is your […]
  • The Epic Tale of Tincan

    What would you endure to save a true friend? All is sunny and beautiful in the magical Kingdom of Merland—until tragedy strikes, turning one peaceful morning […]
  • The Adventures of Jeff The Potato

    Some people consider potatoes boring and bland. Those people haven’t met Jeff. In a society of food, Calories-in-a-Can—an evil corporation intent on oppressing the edibles—is public […]