• Shadowlands

    How would you feel if everything you once knew turned out to be a lie? Emily is a bright, curious ten-year-old girl who lives in Ohio […]
  • Escape

    BOOM—CRASH—THUD!!! Everybody looks at each other in shock. Nobody says a word, because we all know that there’s no use. Something is wrong. When a cosmic […]
  • The Blue Fish in the Sea

    What would you do if you finally made a friend but had to say goodbye? Blue is a little fish who lives in the ocean with […]
  • The Secret Mission of Billy Joe

    Will two little worms complete their mission—or will they plunge the entire country into darkness? Billy Joe, a creepy-crawly sort of special agent, is funny but […]
  • Fancy Man

    Fancy Man didn’t know what powers were contained within this mysterious gift. He only knew it was going to be a long walk home… Once upon […]
  • Sorrows of the Wanted

    “I love you, my little bundle of light.” “I love you too, Mom.” Aura, whose name means “soft breeze,” has everything she could ever want: her […]
  • Bee Adventurous

    Did you ever wonder where bees go in the winter? Bob, a bee from New York City, is always hungry for adventure (and snacks). That’s why […]
  • Prank Wars

    How far would you go to add a little excitement to fifth grade? Lucas is an ornery fifth-grader who hates school and doesn’t care about his […]