• Bee Adventurous

    Did you ever wonder where bees go in the winter? Bob, a bee from New York City, is always hungry for adventure (and snacks). That’s why […]
  • Prank Wars

    How far would you go to add a little excitement to fifth grade? Lucas is an ornery fifth-grader who hates school and doesn’t care about his […]
  • Where There’s Smoke, There’s a Pyro

    “You already know too much—I can’t let you leave. You know the old saying: ‘Dead men tell no tales’ . . .” Thirteen-year-old Ethan is a pyromaniac, or […]
  • Wings of a Bird

     “My name is Alexander, and I’m here to help you lift your curse and save the world . . .” It’s just a regular field trip for Alexander—until his […]
  • Finding Peace

    Did you know that if you control your mind, you can control your life? For all those who may question their faith, who feel doubtful and […]
  • Come

    Do you have what it takes to stay pure of heart in the face of unimaginable evil? October is a genius. At least, that’s what everyone […]
  • The Crazy Muffin

    Steve the muffin might be a little crazy . . . but how would you feel if someone were trying to eat YOU? Mrs. Sue, Steve’s creator, has […]
  • Akimito’s Life: A Time with Magic

    Once upon a time, there was a school for magical students . . . Akimito is like any other teenage boy on his first day at a new school: […]