• Red

    Life is good when you’re a library cart: the place is bustling with kids, you’re surrounded by friends, you get to carry books around all day, […]
  • Epidemic: The Pursuit of Survival

    For a rich girl used to everyone giving her what she wants, life is pretty easy. That is, until everyone is gone. Alexis is a thirteen-year-old […]
  • Yellow Umbrella

    The yellow umbrella has been sitting in an umbrella stand in a dirty old hotel for over four months and gets taken to place after place […]
  • The Path

    Two orphan girls, Kelsey and Claire, who happen to be best friends escape their orphanage together. As they traveled away from their orphanage they had to […]
  • Ghostly

    Lizzie walked down familiar streets, each with destroyed houses and fallen electrical poles. She passed the local shops with their broken windows and empty shelves. It […]
  • Accidental Astronaut

    I held my breath, trying desperately to stay hidden. Uh-oh…I think they found me. “Hey, Space Boy,” Jackson said menacingly. Then he punched me quickly in […]
  • Astronamals

    Wake. Learn. Sleep. The routine of middle school couldn’t be more predictable for twins (and occasional best friends) Clementine and Stella Reed, whose greatest worries in […]
  • Lost At Sea

    I stood there, overlooking the island. It was hard to believe we were finally here, after everything we’d been through. I remembered everything. The storm, the […]