• Enchantia

    Does one small boy from another world have what it takes to save an entire kingdom? Reeling from the death of his military father, uprooted from […]
  • The Multiverse Theory

    Alex went to work. His fingers swept across his panel as he tracked where the enemy was heading. As the blinking red dot inched closer, the […]
  • The Wheelchair Astronaut

    No one with cerebral palsy could ever be a real space hero . . . right? Buzz is a kid who loves everything about outer space. But when […]
  • The Violinist

    “Have faith, Naomi, and everything will get better,” she said. It was the last time I heard her voice . . . Naomi is a typical student: she loves […]
  • 70 Meters

    My name is Dylan Stone, heir to the throne and leader of New Atlantis. I am Poseidon . . . Global warming has buried the earth […]
  • Lilly the Lost Dragon

    “If you get lost or don’t know what to do, then come back here for another clue . . .” Lilly (with two L’s) is your […]
  • The Epic Tale of Tincan

    What would you endure to save a true friend? All is sunny and beautiful in the magical Kingdom of Merland—until tragedy strikes, turning one peaceful morning […]
  • The Adventures of Jeff The Potato

    Some people consider potatoes boring and bland. Those people haven’t met Jeff. In a society of food, Calories-in-a-Can—an evil corporation intent on oppressing the edibles—is public […]