• The Movie Of No Return

    Aidan and Grace live with their mom in the small town of Rockford, Illinois. On Halloween night, they take their two friends to an old movie […]
  • Ominous Echoes

     “I remember the day my world turned upside down so clearly.” Rosemary Keely is a normal twelve-year-old. That is, if you don’t know her that well. […]
  • A Farm’s Summer Secret

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a science experiment? One fifth grader is about to find out… Britton is a curious kid with […]
  • Found By Time

    Infinite knowledge, the ability to control time—some forbidden gifts are too dangerous for any single human. What would you do with ultimate power and no consequences? […]
  • Project Moirai

    What would you do if your entire life was based on knowing the exact time and date of your death? What if that date was wrong? […]
  • The Northern Lights

    What dangers would you face to save the ones you love? It’s just another day in the Arctic—until the day three young animals return home to […]
  • The Downside Up

    If you’re a king or a queen Or anything between, If you’re the mayor Or a mystical creator, Or a magic bean trader, Come inside and […]
  • The Hunter Voyage

    All they heard was a loud scream, and she was gone! Can you imagine what it would be like to be kidnapped…by WILD ANIMALS? Meet the […]